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Monday, June 13, 2016

get used to it.

hello, i'm back!

so, what should i write first? hmm life as a science foundation student? what can i say is....... it quite tough. yeah, i have to be apart with my family was the most hardest.... i guess. i had to spend my whole life there for a year and i just came back home twice because the plane ticket was quite pricey. the first thing i thought when the first time i went to ums was.... "i need to survive" "i can survive" "i have to make life" "i have to make friends". 


yeah, i did. well done! my dorm was at basement and i only had one roommate :-) it's great right? sorry, as i'm using my tablet to write this post, so i can't post my roommate's picture. we both did a good job in making conversations with each other as both of us felt awkward for the first time we met. i also had my own basement squads hehehe.


it was hard at first because we only spent two hours for every lecture and we had to complete at least one chapter for every two-hours-lecture. can you imagine that? tutorial-mates? sabahan people were nice to us (semenanjung). they were very welcomed us :-) boleh ba cakap sikit sikit sabah ni haha tapi nda pro lagi

i think thats enough for today's writing. good night and happy fasting.